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To Know, Go, and Grow in Jesus

The only thing that counts, is faith expressing itself through love.

Galations 5:6

What to Expect


Our services include high energy praise and worship.

Our sermons are aimed to provide you the tools to know, grow, and go in Christ.

Dress Code

Dress as you are. We are more concerned with who you are on the inside than what you wear on the outside.

Food & Snacks

We know it can be difficult in the morning, so we offer coffee and snacks.


We ask that you register if you’re bringing kids so we can keep the kids safe by having a proper head count and provide security badges to the parents.

Sunday Service Times

11:00 – contemporary service

Plan Your Visit for Next Sunday

Featured Ministry of the Month

Wesley Meal Ministry

Wesley has a great volunteer meal ministry and I’d like to say THANK YOU, you all who have blessed many of our families with meals this pas year! As our needs vacillate, we’d like to prepare crockpot meals in advance, keeping them in the freezer that can be handed out to individuals and families when situations arise.

A shout out to Tina Hills who did an amazing job of compiling the recipes and ingredients! In an effort tot keep costs down and not tap into the congregational care budget, I’m looking to our volunteers to supply ingredients. If you’d like to contribute some items, please click on the sign-up and let us know of your contribution. Please bring items to the kitchen and deposit into the box marked “Meal Ministry Food Items”

Thank you!

Meet Our Pastor & Our Team

My goals for Colerain Church are simple. I want to grow the church not only in size and attendance, but I want to see genuine growth in the areas Peter has called all churches to in 1 Peter 3:8: unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love. tender hearts, and humble minds. I believe this begins by staying centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loving others as we are called to all throughout the Scriptures.

Pastor – Bryce Wendler

Learn More About the Wesley Network

The Wesley Network is our collective of several churches in the Quarryville area dedicated to the idea of knowing, going, and growing in Jesus. Click below to learn more about our staff and vision for the Wesley Network. 

Giving with Colerain

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